W2S2 [bıˈləu US -ˈlou] adv, prep
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: LOW1]
1.) in a lower place or position, or on a lower level
≠ ↑above
an animal that lives below ground
Water was dripping onto the floor below.
I could hear voices in the courtyard below my window.
They camped a few hundred feet below the summit.
There was an ugly scar below his left eye.
Down below, people were talking and laughing.
Somewhere far below, a door slammed.
The kitchen is directly below her bedroom.
Captain Parker went below (=to the lower level of the ship) , leaving Clooney in charge.
2.) of a lower rank or having a less important job than someone else
≠ ↑above
A captain is below a general.
No one below the level of senior manager was present at the meeting.
and/or below
officers of the rank of captain and below
3.) less than a particular number, amount, level etc
≠ ↑above
Test scores below 50 were classed as 'unsatisfactory'.
In June the rate of inflation fell below 3%.
Tom's spelling is well below average (=much worse than the normal standard) .
below freezing/zero
(=lower than the temperature at which water freezes)
In winter, temperatures dip to 40 degrees below freezing.
and/or below
free travel for children four years old and below
4.) lower on the same page, or on a later page
≠ ↑above
Details of courses are listed below.
For more information, see below.
below par atpar, below the belt atbelt1 (4)
below or under? See also: under

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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